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WhyWoodWorks specialises in choosing eco-friendly, wooden toys and furniture.

We partner with companies that care about the environment, are known for their eco friendly ethos and produce some of the best quality wooden toys and childrens wooden furniture in the market. This guarantees all products available are eco friendly and safe for a child’s use or environment.

We believe that wooden toys are healthier for the environment, so choosing a certified sustainably-produced wooden toy from WhyWoodWorks helps keep our forests alive and protect our planet. Why Wood Works are an environmentally friendly choice for your children.

Our aim is to be brand recognised for excellent quality, eco-friendly, wooden toys and childrens furniture.  A brand committed to providing continued satisfaction, in both the quality of products and customer service we offer.

Wooden Toys from WhyWoodWorks, we stock a huge range of wooden toys, balance bikes, sit and ride on toys, along with great educational and baby and toddler toys, all from well known brands such as Brio, Pintoy, Quadrilla, Kiddimoto, Hape, Tildo and Sevi.

Educational discounts available please contact us for details or see Payment Options.

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